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We at Fertighausexperte are here to help you with your house construction from the very beginning. Our support begins not only with the inspections on the construction sites, but much earlier.

Our experts check contracts for you and compare them if you wish while you are still in the decision-making process and have not yet decided on a house provider. 

This way, additional costs can often be avoided – in addition, you are very well prepared for negotiating with the selected construction company.

With our network of architects, you can have your prefabricated house planned directly by the architect.

In all stages of the realization, our team of experts will give you many valuable tips and insights that will make your house construction noticeably better.

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Please note: our native speaker employees are not always immediately available, so it may take 2-3 days for our colleagues to get in touch with you.

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    *We ask for complete information so that we can better prepare for your building project.
    This helps us to give you the information (e.g. snow loads, seismic zones, wind zones etc) that is relevant to you.